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1-4-2, Yanagawa, Aomori-city, AOMORI Prefecture, 038-0012, JAPAN



Operation Hours (Weekdays)

09:00 - 20:00

Operation Hours (Sat, Sun, Holidays)

09:00 - 20:00

Access (Nearest Stations)

4 minute walk from JR Aomori station


We offer tax-free shopping for A-FACTORY products & the souvenir area "foodMarche".
The A!Premium distribution service (souvenir shipping service to Taiwan) is available.
QR code payments via "Alipay", "WeChatPay" and "ORIGAMIpay" have also been made available.


Central area of Aomori city in Aomori prefecture: Enjoy various local food in Marche composite facility (market) like cyder made from Aomori apples on the factory located next to Waterfront area with Nebuta house Warasse, Aomori-Hakodate ferry Hakoda-maru memorial ship and another facilities and Aomori station East exit right close.
With Mutsu Bay of Aomori on the rear side and specific delta roof A-FACTORY stands.
This facility is designed to have an image of a plant generating delicious products of Aomori one by one.
Food Marche representing the market gathers foodstuff from all regions of Aomori. From food ingredients like elaborate vegetables and fruits from farmers, rice, processed goods and another local rooted articles, to industrial art, folkcraft goods and another craft articles are presented. You can find attractiveness of Aomori that can be found only here.
In the central inner area you can watch brewing process right in front of you. Glass-sided "Charming cider factory" is also available. If you come at good timing you could watch hand work of the staff conducting Aomori apples selection, brewing and another procedures.
There are 8 brewing tanks inside the factory, and each of them produces every kind of cider and apple soda water.

There are abundance of various stores like gelato specialty shop, store with elaborate tart made of Aomori eggs, hamburger shop that represents Aomori and many other inside the facility.
On the 2nd floor you can find a restaurant "Galetteria Da Sasino" which serves mainly cider and preeminent local dish of northern France galette.