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AREANorthern Honshu > Iwate


19-156-133 Kokuji-cho Kuji City Iwate



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09:00 - 17:00

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00:00 - 00:00

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Access (Nearest Stations)

15 minutes from JR Kuji station by car


The only amber-producing area in Japan. We centrally control everything from excavating amber to processing and selling it. We also process and sell amber ore from all over the world and run an Amber Museum and a restaurant.


Amber is a fossilized conifer resin. The amber ore that we can mine from local Kuji is excavated from a geological stratum approximately 85 million years old. Besides Japan, this ore can also be mined in the Baltic Sea region of Russia and the Dominican Republic in Central America. A rarer type of ore is “Insect Amber,” in which an insect is shut inside amber. Because it is a fossil of tree resin, it has a light specific weight and is rich in color, and it is said that amber has approximately 250 colors. Generally speaking, many amber fossils are “tea-colored” or “whiskey-colored,” but there are also rarer tints, including a “blue amber” produced by changes that occur in response to ultraviolet rays. We have assembled rare amber ores from around the world and craft products (ornaments, etc.) made from amber and placed them on display at our Amber Museum. Inside the same space, there are also ateliers where accessories made from amber are manufactured and processed that you can see being made by hand. Activities where visitors can make their own one-of-a-kind original accessory are also popular.