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Namba Marui Valentine Fair




SHOPNamba Marui

AREAKansai > Osaka Minami (Namba)

2016-02-01 to 2016-02-14



Sweet season is coming soon! "Pure love", "friendship", "family love", "colleague love"...... there are different kinds of "love" Sweet chocolates usually are used to show the love. In Namba Marui, at B1F Event Space, from 2/1 (Mon) to 14 (Sun) "Valentine Chocolat Marche" will be held. A selection of 8 chocolate brands. Please come (^ 0 ^) / *** Participating brands *** [Godiva] Speaking of Valentine, surely it'll always be "Godiva". Important feelings to be shown to the one you love during Valentine. Including the famous "Coupe d'Amour" collection, there are plenty of stocks such as truffle chocolate assortment etc. [Desiree] Authentic Belgium chocolate that born in the beautiful ancient city in Belgium. It is carefully made based on tradition recipes more than 110 years. ☆ For purchase of 1080 yen or more (including tax), a truffles and chocolate bars BOX will be presented. [L'AMOUR] Rich taste by authentic Belgian chocolate. It is Japan limited Belgian chocolate. With adorable package, it is a chocolate brand that famous in all generations. ☆ For purchase of 1080 yen or more (including tax), a cinnamon cookies and bag will be presented. [Galler] Opened its own chocolate shop at a very young age of 21.. It is filled with love and passion! [Chocofino] Born in Belgium, St. Louis County ーthe "Choco Fino" It is a handmade chocolate, full of sweet view of the world. It is filled with luscious chocolate and happiness. [Ponto] Kyoto Pontocho. WIth the traditional Japan theme. Please enjoy the "Wa" chocolate. [123 Factory] With artistic New York conceptーthe taste of praline chocolate will give you the image of playful New York city. Please enjoy the casual style. [Ardeur] Born in Italy, it was brought to France along with the wedding of Catherine de 'Medici. It is then refined in the city of Paris. While strictly protect the value of western, it is made to move the heart of Japanese. ※Contents are subjected to change. ※Please ask the staffs for more details.