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Lucky Bags 2016



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SHOPKeio Department Store, Shinjuku

AREATokyo > Shinjuku

2016-01-02 10:00 to 2016-01-05 20:30



Speaking of tradition of Japanese New Year, it is always about "Lucky bag".
Lucky bags is a special set that full of products which you can get at an amazing price, a very low price. Normally, the contents of lucky bags cannot be seen and cannot be selected. A kind of "fortune" specific to be enjoyed.
However, in the Keio Department Store, it offers special lucky bags that reveal the contents. For foreign customers who are unfamiliar with this tradition surely will feel safer and able to enjoy the lucky bags of Japan, right?

We will introduce some of the bags.
① "Hakushu '18", "Yamazaki '18" Two/set (With Fuji Glass as gift)
54,000 JPY (including tax)
Limited to 6 only
It is a luxurious set from the representative brand of Suntory whiskey.

② Phoenix pattern Pure gold paste, platinum paste Ornaments folding fan pair set
129,600 JPY (including tax)
Limited to 1
It is a pair of decorated folding fan with pure gold and platinum.

③ Takaoka iron kettle premium bags
400,000 JPY (including tax)
Limited to one
In 1975 Takaoka ironware subjected as the first "nationally designated traditional crafts". It is a set of two Takaoka iron kettles that were created by painstakingly at each step such as coloring, inlay etc.

④ [Ace] Travel Set
32,400 JPY (including tax)
Limited to 3
Founded in 1940. High-quality products from a Japanese manufacture that has a high skilled technique on luggage. For domestic products, they're made in Hokkaido Akabira factory.

We have a large number of other lucky bags too in the exhibition place.

Please enjoy the Japanese culture of lucky bag!