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Facemask LuLuLun





AREATokyo > Marunouchi, Nihombashi

2015-02-02 to 2015-03-31





Introducing our brand new product, LuLuLun a moisturizing face mask. Let the hyaluronate sodium and acacia honey soak into your skin. With eight different kinds of extract like avocado and alovera, it is perfect for any season. The face mask continues to moisturize the skin even after use giving you a lush glowing skin. If you continue to use the face mask every day, you can really feel the effects of the face mask after using it. This is thanks to the unique molecule, rice ceramide which has a very close structural similarity to your skin, and can exfoliate deeply leading to smooth and shiny skin. Combining Marronnier seed extract and psyllium seed extract adds firmness and luster to your face. Thanks to you, we have created a new soft mask that can last! Our new mask born out of research of microfibers, easily contours your face that stays on for a refreshing feeling. Perhaps the most important feature of this mask is the sensation you feel when you put it on the skin. The softness and the feeling of the fabric itself with non-woven fabric at a small part on the top and bottom of the mask prevents the mask from sliding off. When you use the mask you can feel the lightness, an important aspect of LuLuLun. Since stress accumulates when you put something on your eye lids, we decided to create eye slits in the mask. Instead, the mask covers the creases in your eyes to decrease crows feet. With these improvements, it now shortened dramatically the time you wear the mask from 90 to 30 seconds. Compared to the next leading brands, LuLuLun's mask has 130% more thickness Moreover, because it uses about 167 percent more woven microfiber (split fibers) than conventional products, it leaves your skin feeling soft without sacrificing adhesion strength. This has never been completed before. The second improvement we would like to introduce is our new easy to use box packaging. It can easily be removed and opened in five seconds. Each mask contain's LuLuLun's own beauty solution that are applied evenly throughout the mask. Compared to other facial masks on the market, the thin aluminum wrapping makes it easy to open and remove your mask. Furthermore because of this innovation, it reduces aluminum waste by 1.5 tons per year. Face mask LuLuLun 42 sheets 1,500 yen plus tax