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JILL STUART Chiffon Ribbon Collection: To be Released on February 6, 2015




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2015-02-06 to 2015-02-28



MCS Marunouchi Cosmetics Selection


MCS Marunouchi Cosmetics Selection


On February 6th the JILL STUART Chiffon Ribbon Collection will be launched. Perfect for Valentines Day or White day, this collection will have you falling head-over-heals in love with our make up. Whether you are purchasing it to impress a love that has just blossomed or someone you have been crushing on, these cosmetics will usher in a wonderful new beginning. This season like the chiffon ribbon, we offer a light and playful makeup collection. The pastel colors and a soft matte texture give it like a sweet fragrance. Plump lips with a beaming smile envelope you in happiness. Like the magic that brings together two lovers, the Ribbon Collection will last a lifetime. While the spring wind blows softly against your checks, the make up will bring the two of you closer together. The pastel-colored nail polish will match the coming spring perfectly. JILL STUART nail polish 10ml, available in different colors 1,500 JPY each (tax not included) The Milky White Silver Nail make your nails feel smooth. Wrapped in a pastel blue box, decorated with ribbons and a floral design, this nail polish is sure to lead you to happiness. The sweet lipstick is sure to leave you and price charming living happily ever after. On February 6th, Jill Stuart will launch its Mat Chiffon Lipstick line, but only for a limited time. It comes in four different colors and costs 2,800 JPY each. Milky White Silver leaves the lips more voluminous. Push on the flower motif and a J mark and a compact mirror will appear. This pastel pink box decorated with ribbons and flowers is a sure sign of happiness. The Mix Blush Compact, will make your heart flutter with a special limited time color. The line will launch on the 6th of February with four original colors and two limited edition colors for 4,500 each (tax not included). The blush comes in a delicate and cute compact with frills. You can feel instant gratification from the Milky White Silver texture as soon as it touches your face. The ribbon and floral motif give the make up a wedding pattern look. No matter where you go, let the Ribbon collection lead you to happiness. The limited edition bag combines a hit of cuteness with maturity. Jill Stuart bag (Ribbon Collection) February 6, 2015 release limited edition 3,800 yen (excluding tax) ※ Size: 180 × 85 × 65mm The bag with a ribbon and floral print in a light purple hue gives the bag a romantic design like the soft spring breeze. The bag has zippers on both sides enabling you to fit a large amount of make up into the bag.