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Exclusive Discount on Hato Bus Tours of Tokyo with JCB!



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AREATokyo > Ginza, Yurakucho

2014-10-01 to 2016-09-30



Campaign Overview
Get 15% off popular Hato Bus tours of Tokyo in English or Chinese when you pay with JCB. You must make your reservation by calling the JCB Plaza Call Center or visiting JCB Plaza.

Campaign Tour
In Chinese and in English.
*For more information about tours, see

How to make a reservation
1.Call the JCB Plaza Call Center ( visit JCB Plaza Tokyo (JTB Travel Gate Yuraku-cho 2--13 Yuraku-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0006)d tell the receptionist the tour number, tour name, date and number of people in your party.
2.You will receive a confirmation for your reservation.
3.When you go for your tour, show the confirmation at the Hato Bus ticket window and pay with JCB to get your 15% discount. Discount available for up to 4 people (including children age 6 - 11) per JCB card.

Cards Eligible for this Campaign
Offer applies for all JCB brand card issuing companies. JCB cards issued in Japan are not eligible.

•You must make a reservation at least 3 days before the tour.
•Discount available only for the tours shown above.
•The JCB cardmember does not have to participate in the tour. As long as a JCB card is used to pay for the tour, anyone may participate.
•No discount available if you do not show your confirmation when you pay for the tour or if you do not make your reservation at JCB Plaza Call Center or JCB Plaza Tokyo.
•Discount also applies to children age 6 - 11. Free fare for age 5 and under. Adult fare for age 12 and up.
•Discount available for up to 4 people (including children age 6 - 11) per JCB card. If you make a reservation for more than 4 people, the discount applies only to 4 people.
•Cancelation fee applies. See the confirmation for more information.
•Hato Bus may change the sightseeing itinerary or cancel a tour under some circumstances. See the Hato Bus home page for more information.
•JCB is not responsible for any problems that arise during the tour.
•See the Hato Bus home page for more information and important notes.
•JCB has the right by law to make the final decision in the event of conflicting interpretations.