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JCB x Narita Airport Limousine Special Offers



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2015-04-01 to 2016-06-30



+81-3-3665-7220 (automatic telephone voice response)


Important notice
Special offer will be extended to Jun 30, 2016.

【Offer 1】20%off Special discount
Offer Overview
Get 20% off Airport Limousine Bus tickets at Narita International Airport.

Offer Details
Use your JCB card to purchase Airport Limousine Bus tickets at a Narita International Airport ticket counter and get 20% off.
*There are 4 ticket counters at Narita Airport terminal 1 arrival area, 2 ticket counters at Narita Airport terminal 2 arrival area.
*Discount applies to a maximum of 4 tickets purchased at one time.

【Offer 2】Free return tickets
Offer Overview
Get one free ticket to Narita International Airport when you spend at least 50,000 yen (including tax) with JCB.

Offer Details
Bring your JCB card receipts totaling at least 50,000 yen (including tax) to JCB PLAZA Tokyo to get your free ticket.
▶Maximum of 2 free tickets for one JCB card during the promotion period.
▶Receipt date must be from April 1, 2014.
*The receipts used to participate in this campaign may not be eligible for other campaigns held during the same period.
*Receipts from purchases in Japan are eligible for the campaign.(Excluding the online transactions.)
*All purchases on the same JCB card can be combined.

Important notes
▶Offer applies for all JCB brand card issuing companies.
▶JCB cards issued in Japan are not eligible.
▶Cash advances are excluded.
▶The right to participate in these offers cannot be converted to cash or transferred to a third party.
▶See the Airport Limousine webpage for other important notes.
▶JCB has the right by law to make the final decision in the event of conflicting interpretations.