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2015-01-01 to 2015-01-19



B Hall 1F = special venue
A Hall 7th floor = special venue


The World's summit of motorsport "F1"
In March 2015 a new photo exhibition of F1 will be held in Japan

The 2014 "F1 WORLD" through Grand Prix photos in various countries taken from the perspective of ART by "Team ZEROBORDER" .
F1 is not only about race photo, spots such as Monaco has attractive streets as well as celebrities can be seen from the lens that introduce a variety of the world of F1.
From the photo of Honda's first race car at the time in 1964, to the latest 2014 photos the artists have edited the "world of old and new F1".
You can see the changing of the times, and enjoy the F1WORLD captured in the five senses.

Special Cooperation: Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Print cooperation: Canon Marketing Japan Inc.

Photographer profile
In 2004, rather than covering the F1 Grand Prix as news and media events, "Team ZEROBORDER" is formed centered around Masakazu Miyata who are active Japanese sports photographer with a goal to capture F1 as expression of art.
In this photo exhibition, four photographers' works will be exhibited including Masakazu Miyata, Sakurai Atsuo, Vladimir Riesu (Czechoslovakia), Peter Fox (United Kingdom).

■ 2015/01/01 (Thu) to 2015/01/19 (Monday)
■ B Building 1F = special venue
■ 2015/01/08 (Thursday) to 2015/01/18 (Sunday)
■ A Hall 7 floor = special venue. On last day closing time is 5pm
※ A Hall 7th floor = admission to the special venue until 30 minutes before closing time.