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〈Dragon Route Fair〉【JR Nagoya Takashimaya】Chubu region high-quality sake edition




SHOPJR Nagoya Takashimaya

AREACentral Honshu - Chubu > Nagoya

2020-03-18 to 2020-03-31



Second basement floor Japanese and Western liquors area


The Chubu region is characterized by a temperate climate and high rainfalls but it is also a zone with heavy snowfalls, spring water, meltwater, a privileged water system. Moreover, from Gifu to Aichi prefecture, one of Japan's largest plains, the "Koubiheiya" stretches and with fertile soils created by the sediment brought by the river, rice cultivation is prosperous, and peiple are also very picky about brewer's rice. In this blessed environment, sake brewery are closely related with the different areas in Chubu region, and are brewing special local sake.
At the JR Nagoya Takashimaya Japanese and Western liquor sales area, we gather lots of unique sake, nurtured in different climates and soils, from famous brands such as Aichi prefecture's Houraisen and Azumaryu, Gifu prefecture's Minogiku and Michisakari, Mie Prefecture's Hanzo, to hidden choice sake that caters local people who loves to have a nightcap at home. We also have lots of sake for Hanami (blossom watching), perfect for the season. Please do seize this opportunity!

1 Gifu Prefecture <Funasaka Sake Brewery Shop>
Four stars special Daiginjou  (720 ml) 5,500 JPY tax-included(base price 5,000 JPY)
2 Mie Prefecture  <Ota Sake Brewery>
Special Junmai  Ukon Nishiki made in Iga (720 ml) 1,430 JPY tax-included(base price 1,300 JPY)
3 Aichi Prefecture <Sekiya Brewery>
Houraizen Bi (720 ml) 2,970 JPY tax-included(base price 2,700 JPY)
4 Gifu Prefecture <Tenryou Sake Brewery>
Tenryou Tobikiri Special Junmai (720 ml) 1,320 JPY tax-included(base price 1,200 JPY)
5 Gifu Prefecture <Miyozakura Brewery>
Miyozakura Mellow Junmai (720 ml)  1,100 JPY tax-included(base price 1,000 JPY)