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Sapporo snow festival



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2020-02-03 09:00 to 2020-02-11 21:00



Odori Park Site ,Tsudome Community Dome Site,Susukino Station Avenue Site


The Sapporo Snow Festival was started in 1950, when high school students built a few snow statues in the centrally located Odori Park. It has since developed into a large, commercialized event, featuring spectacular snow and ice sculptures and attracting more than two million visitors from Japan and across the world.

The Snow Festival is staged on three sites: the Odori site, Susukino site and Community Dome “Tsudome” site.
Located in central Sapporo, Odori Park stretches a mile long and is the main site of the festival. Most of the event’s sculptures are exhibited here, including the largest ones. Odori Park also offers musical concerts and other events. A good view over the Odori Site can be enjoyed from the Sapporo TV Tower at the eastern end of Odori Park. The tower has extended hours (8:30 to 22:30) during the festival.

The Susukino site has the second highest number of sculptures at the festival (particularly focusing on ice art) and is illuminated until midnight. Susukino is also Sapporo’s biggest entertainment section and is a great place to go for a night out on the town after enjoying the day’s festivities. Susukino is located only one subway stop south of Odori Park.

The less centrally located Tsudome site is a family oriented snow playground with three types of snow slides, snow rafting and more snow sculptures. Tsudome’s regional cuisine and ice bar make sure it is friendly for both adults and children.

◆How to enjoy this festival?
~there are guide tours enjoying this festival~
In this tour you will secure a hotel accommodation in Sapporo during the Snow Festival (when many hotels are often fully booked up), and depending on your selected option, see the highlights of the festival and Sapporo city during a half-day tour. You can choose between the following options:
• Snow Festival budget tour: includes one night at a private apartment or in a hotel in Sapporo
• Snow Festival value tour: includes one night at a private apartment or in a hotel in Sapporo and a half-day guided tour
• Snow Festival premium tour: includes one night at a hotel in Sapporo and a half-day guided tour