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<Dragon Route Fair> [Nagoya Sakae Mitsukoshi] Nagoya Chinese New Year Festival




SHOPNagoya Sakae Mitsukoshi

AREACentral Honshu - Chubu > Nagoya

2020-01-08 to 2020-01-31



For the first time, the Nagoya Sakae Mitsukoshi will participate in the “Nagoya Chugoku Spring Festival” held from January 11 (Sat) to 13 (Mon/Holiday) in Nagoya Sakae!
For the 2nd event, January 8 (Wed) to 14 (Tue), the "Wear China" pop up shop where Shengjing / Manzoku Embroidery work available at the event space on the 6th floor living ware floor.
In addition, lots of sweets and sake will be filled with sweets and alcohol from the "Dragon Route" area, which is popular with Chinese tourists, until January 31st (Fri) on the food floor on the B1 floor.

■ 1st basement food floor “Kayu-an”
There are 75 kinds of sweets from 30 well-established stores in 6 Chubu prefectures where the “Dragon Route” runs through.
A long-established Nanyoken in Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture.
Chestnut persimmon with kurikinton in Ichida persimmon, only available on the first and third Sunday.

■ 1st floor food floor "La Cave"
120 kinds of sake from 45 breweries in 6 central prefectures where "Dragon Route" runs through.
Special Brown Rice Sake @ Shiraoi (720ml)
Sake brewery in Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture, founded in 1848.
《Rice Polished White》 “White” with the meaning of handling good ingredients carefully.
"Shiraoi" meaning "many years" representing "Longevity and longevity".
The sake brewed in the traditional way.