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Honeybees living in Ginza bring us a true beauty body care items!



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2014-12-24 to 2015-02-28



MCS Marunouchi Cosmetics Selection


MCS Marunouchi Cosmetics Selection


A perfect gift from the bees of Ginza. The Ginza bees project aims to bring together the urban and natural environment. The NPO promotes environmental protection activities related to the bees. The beekeeping space on the roof of the building in Ginza was born from the Ginza bees project of the Ignis H series where the honey is blended. Wrapped in a slightly sweet aroma is a gift from the bees and is moist and revitalizes the body. The hand treatment made out of honey and beeswax is firm and tight that it moisturizes dry hands. By wrapping it in the palm of your hand, the warm hand treatment beads begins to dissolve. Not only does it contain honey and beeswax, but also a "peach leaf extract". Ignis H ball 60 g 3,000yen plus tax. Ignis body care honey. Making you feel more refreshed no matter the season. Why don't you start? Ignis H Body Cream 180g to 2,200 yen plus tax. For dense hands to prevent drying, the moist and supple honey is perfectly blended. Ignis H Body Cream Protect 60 g 2,000 yen + tax. For a sweet reward during your bath time, wash your body with honey. Ignis H Body Soap 60g 1,800 yen + tax. Feel revitalized using the IGH series Lip Treatment with honey, to make lips extra shiny. Ignis H Lip Treatment 2,500 yen + tax. What is beeswax? One type of purified wax that makes up the nest of worker bees, it is a natural material that is used primarily in cosmetics such as cream and lipsticks. The yellow color is derived from the natural dye found in pollen.