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Wakayama Exhibition




SHOPKinokawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry

AREAKansai > Kansai Others

2019-09-01 to 2019-09-30



Wakayama Prefecture is close to Kansai International Airport, and it takes a minimum of 30 minutes to reach Iwade City and Kinokawa City.
There are many tourist attractions in the prefecture, such as “Mt. Koya” and “Kumano Kodo”, which are regarded as World Heritage Sites.
Wakayama Castle is an old castle that dates back from the year of 1603. It belonged to the Kishu Domain and the three branch families of the Tokugawa clan throughout the 165 years of the Edo period. The roads to Kumano Pass and Mt. Koya are now well-developed, and many overseas guests have been seen pilgrimaging as backpackers.
The food culture is abundant, and not only the ingredients of the mountains and seas, but the fruits are also exceptional. You can enjoy fruit picking throughout the year. There are persimmons, tangerines, plums as well as persimmons, peaches and chestnuts.
It is one of the best tourist spots that will satisfy visitors from all over the world. There are cherry blossoms during springtime, fireflies and sea bathing in summer, pampas grass and colored leaves in autumn, and open-air baths in winter.