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Shibuya Station・Tokyu Toyoko Store【Tokyu Restaurant Area〔Dining Dining〕】Recommended Menu of July




SHOP9F West Building Tokyu Restaurant Area〔Dining Dining〕

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2019-07-01 11:00 to 2019-07-31 22:00



This season is when you can feel the summer-like refreshment and liberation after the rainy days. Let us introduce some of July's menus and set meals using seasonal ingredients of the month. ①〈Shibuya Matsukawa (Eel)〉Eel Rice Box (Sakura)…〈tax-included〉4,320 JPY【Seasonal ingredients: eel】・Eel Rice Box (170g)・Ika Somen・Eel-liver Soup・Pickles・Dessert ②〈Maisen (Tonkatsu)〉Recommended Meal…〈tax-included〉1,760 JPY【Seasonal ingredients: horse mackerel, paprika, Japanese ginger】・Deep-fried Food (Deep-fried Horse Mackerel, Japanese Tiger Prawn (1 pc.), Bite‐sized Chami Pork Fillet Cutlet)・Summer Vegetable Salad (with sesame dressing)・Rice・Tartar Sauce・Miso Soup・Pickles ③〈Shimotakaido Asahizushi Sohonten (Sushi)〉-Umi-…〈tax-included〉2,808 JPY Fatty Tuna・Japanese Tiger Prawn・Unagi Eel・Anago Eel Nigirizushi 11 pcs., Cold Simmered Gourd with Crab Sauce・Soup Bowl ④〈Tenmatsu (Tempura)〉Recommended Meal…〈tax-included〉1,944 JPY【Seasonal ingredients: anago eel, green bean, eggplant】・Tempura (2 Shrimps, Green Bean, Eggplant, Lotus Root, Small Shrimp and Scallop Kakiage)・Sashimi (Tuna, Sea Bream)・Small Dish・Chawanmushi・Anago Bowl・Miso Soup・Pickles ⑤〈Udon Shikoku (Udon)〉Udon with Roasted Eggplant with Black Vinegar & Soy Sauce and Potherbs…〈tax-included〉939 JPY【Seasonal ingredients: eggplant, Japanese ginger, shiso leaf】・Roasted Eggplant・Grated Daikon・Potherbs (daikon sprout, Japanese ginger, shiso leaf)・Black Vinegar & Soy Sauce ⑥〈Komatsuan Sohonke (Soba)〉Seasoned Soba with Beef Shabu and Tomato…〈tax-included〉1,700 JPY【Seasonal ingredients: tomato】・Tomato・Beef Loin Shabu-shabu・Soba・Cream Cheese