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Alcoholic crystal summer sweets for the mature adult "Fruirium" summer limited edition now available




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2019-06-19 00:00 to 2019-08-29 00:00



◇Herbarium-inspired new-sensation sweets that are perfect for grown women◇

We have prepared special souvenirs that can only be encountered at YOKU MOKU Aoyama Store during summer.
"Fruirium" is an item inspired by "Herbarium", botanical specimens that are popular as stylish decors as well as presents.
It is a jelly-mixed financier with moist texture. A new kind of sweet that lets you enjoy both jelly and financier at one time.
Adding Western wine to the clear jelly gives an extra mature flavor.
Its look and taste are refreshing, and you can feel the exquisite, splendid flavor of western liquor and fruit that spreads all over your mouth upon taking a bite.
There are 3 different flavors: "Tropical", "Fruits", "Thè Orange". It can also be served cold.
The package design that depicts colorful fruits splashing under the cool blue tone also attracts attention.
Apart from a good choice for summer greetings and a souvenir for home parties, it is also recommended as a gift to someone who is fond of new things.

【Product name】Fruirium
【Contents】Tropical 2 pcs, Fruits 2 pcs, Thè Orange 1 pc, a total of 5 pcs
【Product price】1,500 JPY (Tax-included price 1,620 JPY)
【Vendor】YOKU MOKU Aoyama
【Sales period】Scheduled from June 20 (Thu) ~ August 31 (Sat)
*This product uses alcohol.