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【OGGI】Tanabata Project Star festival Release of 2 Limited Items



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2019-06-10 to 2019-07-07



This is the day in a year when Orihime (Vega) and Hikoboshi (Altair), the two deities shining in the Milky Way, get to meet each other. Tanabata is also known as "Sasa no sekku" "Star festival". OGGI is releasing two new items for the Tanabata project "Star festival". Reservations are available for the following items at the Meguro Main Store and the Atre Meguro Store from June 10, 2019. In addition, they are planned to be sold only at the Meguro Main Store, the Atre Meguro Store and the OGGI Online Store from June 28. 【Star festival limited item 1】Vega ~Raspberry Cheese~ Price: 2,592 JPY (tax included) Description: the sweet and sour raspberry puree and the crushed jelly that illuminates like a star are put on top the refreshing and gentle cheese mousse. It's highlighted by the slice of orange that looks like a small boat crossing the Milky Way. 【Star festival limited item 2】Altair ~Blueberry Cheese~ Price: 2,592 JPY (tax included) Description: the coolness produced by the crushed jelly adds to the blueberry puree that images the colors of the mysterious space. It plays a harmony together with the fresh and sour cheese mousse. 【Star festival limited set】Vega & Altair Set Special price: 4,860 JPY (tax included) Description: get a discount for a set of both items. We offer free shipping for the delivery of this set.