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The smell of the gentle breeze ♪ Feel the early summer with our brand new sweets that refresh both your eyes and mind on the Green Terrace!





AREATokyo > Harajuku

2019-04-26 00:00 to 2019-06-19 00:00



◇This is the time when you can enjoy the atmosphere while having the latest sweets that decorate the early summer.◇
We are offering limited-time cakes, tea sets and special drinks for this occasion. There is a lineup of refreshing new sweets that use green ingredients such as matcha, melon and pistachio. Please come and have a peaceful time while enjoying the pleasant breeze on BLUE BRICK LOUNGE's terrace
(2nd photo)
【Item name】Blue Brick Tea Set ~Green Terrace's Tea Time~
【Base price】2,400 JPY for one person / 【Tax-including price】2,592 JPY
【Sales period】Scheduled from April 26th (Fri) ~ June 19th (Wed)

The refreshing-looking sweets and food that represent a vibrant green garden in the early summer are expressed in a single plate. This limited-time tea set lets you enjoy the seasonal ingredients unique to the early summer in a slow and gradual pace. Please enjoy your tea time while sensing the refreshing breeze on the pleasant urban terrace.
Menu <2 drinks included>
※From the far right in clockwise direction
・Elderflower and Fruit Verrine
・Melon Jelly
・Petit Gateau Citron Pistache
・Matcha Cream Puff Cookie
・Thyme's Churros with Duck Magret & Lingonberry
・Sweet Shrimp & Cucumber Open Sandwich
・Asparagus, Prosciutto & Vegetable Dipping Sauce

(3rd photo)
【Item name】Dessert Au Verre ~Le Mouron~
【Base price】1,400 JPY / 【Tax-including price】1,512 JPY
【Sales period】Scheduled from April 26th (Fri) ~ June 19th (Wed)

The "Dessert Au Verre ~Le Mouron~" represents the sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees in the early summer.
This is a luxurious glass dessert that combines homemade vanilla ice cream with rich Hokkaido milk and seasonal melon. Surrounding the homemade vanilla ice cream are boldly-cut fresh melon and crushed clear mint jelly, creating a juicier and more refreshing taste.
Pour on cold melon sauce at the end.

(4th photo)
【Item name】Matcha Moelleux Chocolat
【Base price】1,400 JPY / 【Tax-including price】1,512 JPY
【Sales period】Scheduled from April 26th (Fri) ~ June 19th (Wed)

This is the "Matcha Moelleux Chocolat", which has an impressive design that was inspired by bamboo. The thick green tea ganache dissolves from inside when the warm chocolate dough is separated.
Have it together with warm moelleux chocolat, fresh yuzu sorbet, green tea streusel, marinated grapefruit, etc. You can enjoy different tastes in just one dish: sweet and sour, warmth and chill.
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