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◆Shinjuku Takano is approaching its 100th anniversary of selling muskmelon in 2019◆
The muskmelon was born in Shinjuku, where Shinjuku Takano is also located in. Non-native melon species were brought to Naito Shinjuku Test Center (now Shinjuku Gyoen), which was the base for promoting modern agriculture.
Then through improvements of breed and greenhouse technology, a new kind of muskmelon was born, which can be considered a Japanese original product.
Shinjuku Takano has been selling this muskmelon as a luxurious gift since 1919 and is marking its 100th anniversary this year.
◆Shinjuku Takano's commitment to MuskMelon, a selected gift of the highest grade◆
Since Shinjuku Takano started selling muskmelon in 1919, we have carefully examined them in various factors such as maturity and shape.
The production area is limited to where that is known for melon production, Shizuoka Prefecture. Shizuoka Prefecture has a mild climate and a soil suitable for cultivation, which is a preferred location cultivating muskmelons.
In addition, everything is under Shinjuku Takano's inspection until we receive them at hand, such attaching ripeness seals.
◆The charm of the artistic fruit muskmelon and "Ichiboku Ikka"◆◆
Muskmelon is cultivated by "Ichiboku Ikka", which means only one fruit is grown per tree. By doing this all nutrients are concentrated into one fruit.
"Ichiboku Ikka" ~The growth process of muskmelon~
①The sprout comes out in 3 to 4 days after the seed is planted.
②A support stick is put up and the vine is fastened to it.
③The female flower buds. (Takes about one and a half months after sowing)
④When the female flower withers, the root begins to expand.
⑤About 1 week after pollination, an egg-sized fruit is formed. At this time, only one fruit remains to be taken.
⑥Ichiboku Ikka.
⑦After about 15 to 20 days after pollination, cracks appear on the skin naturally. The net is constructed while the juice from the cracks occupies them.
⑧The net spreads over the whole fruit, creating a beautiful pattern that is one of muskmelon's characteristics.
⑨In order to polish and protect the fruit from pests, it is carefully wiped the until being harvested.
◆How to enjoy delicious muskmelon◆
Please keep it in a refrigerator for 2-3 hours before eating.
Please note that over cooling will damage the sweetness and flavor.
~The strong sweet part~
At Shinjuku Takano, we will determine the date when a muskmelon becomes the most delicious to eat.
The numbers in the picture stand for the sweetness order.
When cutting, it is recommended to cut the fruit into a comb shape vertically from the sepal to even the sweetness.