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Shibuya Station · Tokyu Toyoko Store【Tokyu Resturant Floor〔Dining Dining〕】Recommended Menu in May




SHOPTokyu Toyoko Store West Building 9th Floor Tokyu Resturant Floor〔Dining Dining〕

AREATokyo > Shibuya

2019-05-01 11:00 to 2019-05-31 22:00



Our new imperial era "Reiwa" has come with the enthronement of our new emperor. Let us introduce our recommended menu set of Japanese delicious cuisine. ①〈Shibuya Matsukawa (Eel cuisine)〉Eel set meal of May...4,320 yen 【Seasonal ingredients:Asparagus, bamboo shoots, shitake mushroom, broad beans】Eel served over rice in a lacquered box, tuna sashimi, wakatakeni, tempura (two prawns, asparagus, shitake mushroom), steamed egg custard with broad beans, eel-liver soup, pickles, dessert ②〈Maisen (Pork cutlet)〉Recommended set meal...1,680 yen 【Seasonal ingredients:Bamboo shoots, shitake mushroom, butterbur】Chami pork fillet cutlet (70g) or pork loin cutlet (80g) / Black pork ground meat cutlet (with bamboo shoot and shiitake mushroom), side dishes, shimmered butterbur in Japanese broth, rice, miso soup, pickles ③〈Shimotakaido Asahizushi Main Store (Sushi)〉Wakaba...2,808 yen medium-fatty tuna, bonito, Amberjack, squid with urchin, salmon roe, salmon, chicken grunt, red tuna, conger, shrimp, rolled omelette, steamed egg custard, soup ④〈Tenmatsu (Tempura)〉Recommended set meal...1,994 yen 【seasonal ingredient:broad beans】Tempura (2 prawns, mixed tempura of shrimp and broad beans, 3 kinds of vegetables (Asparagus, Chinese yam, shiitake mushroom), sashimi (tuna, sea bream), side dishes, steamed egg custard, seasoned rice with shiitake and carrot, miso soup, pickles ⑤〈Udon Shikoku (Udon)〉Pure soy sauce udon with mixed tempura of raw sakura shrimps and broad beans...930yen 【Seasonal ingredients: sakura shrimp, broad beans】mixed tempura (raw sakura shrimp, broad beans, carrot, onion), pure soy sauce udon, sesame seed dipping sauce ⑥〈Komatsuan-souhonke (Soba)〉Matcha soba with miso minced duck meat ...1,800yen 【Seasonal ingredient:Matcha】Matcha soba (cold), miso minced duck meat