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At YOKUMOKU, the "Utsurohi" packed with spring limited popular items is released! ~ An assortment of dreamy spring products "Cigare au matcha" and "Sakura Cookie" ~ Available at YOKUMOKU Aoyama Main Store and store all around Japan starting from March 1st (Friday), 2019.




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2019-03-01 00:00 to 2019-03-31 00:00



◇The Ultimate Gift that Represents Japanese "Spring" in a single box ◇
The "Utsurohi" is a dream combination of "Sakura Cookie" that was released in YOKUMOKU spring limited product 2003 and "Cigare au matcha" which released as a new flavor after 13 years of YOKUMOKU's representative product "Cigare" in 2017.
When snow melts and buds from cherry trees that announces the arrival of spring. Buds sprout from knots, little by little before reaching full bloom, and flattering down trees as if dancing.
Design of wrapping paper indicates spring season that is different every day.
Popular items ensemble in a luxurious paulownia box, perfect for gift in spring to the special person.

[Product name] "Utsurohi"
[Product price] 4,000 yen (tax included price: 4,320 yen)
[Sales period] From March 1st (Fri) ~ March 31st (Sun)
※While stock lasts [Product composition] Cigare au matcha 8 pcs
Sakura Cookie 32 pcs (Sakura Flowers × 16, Leaves × 16)
[Retail Stores] YOKUMOKU Aoyama Main Store, Partial Department Store
※There are shops not handling this product※

◇The long-awaited "Cigare au matcha" by its fans is released in limited quantity again this spring.◇
In March 2017, "Cigare au matcha" which was released as a new flavor of the representative product of YOKUMOKU "Cigare" in 13 years.
The new Cigare that Uji matcha and butter's rich fragrance overlap elegantly is popular among many customers, and has been sold out in 5 minutes upon opening of partial stores.
The product "Cigare au matcha Assort" with the classic "Cigare" and other flavors is also released. Do try it for yourself.
[Product name] "Cigare au matcha" 8 pcs
[Product price] 1,000 yen (tax included price 1,080 yen)
[Sales period] March 1st, 2019 (Fri) ~ While stock lasts
[Retail stores] YOKUMOKU Aoyama main store, department stores nationwide, train stations, airports, online shop

[Product name] "Cigare au matcha Assort"
"Cigare" 12 pcs, "Cigare au matcha" 10 pcs
[Product price] 2,000 yen (tax included price 2,160 yen)
[Sales period] March 15th (Fri) 2019 ~ End as lost
[Retail stores] YOKUMOKU Aoyama main store, department stores nationwide, train stations, airports, online shop
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