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Menu recommendations in January from the manager of "Dining dining" in Tokyu restaurant area in Toyoko Shop




SHOP"Dining dining" (the 9th floor of the West building) of Tokyu Department Store Toyoko Shop

AREATokyo > Shibuya

2019-01-02 11:00 to 2019-01-31 22:00



Happy New Year! In cold season we introduce hot menus and set menus cooked with seasonal ingredients. ① Shibuya Matsukawa (eel) First month eel set meal: 4,320 JPY 〈Tax included〉【Seasonal ingredients: scallop, rapeseed】Broiled eel over rice in a lacquered box, tuna sashimi, tempura (scallop, prawn, lotus root, green pepper), rapeseed in a sesame sauce, chawanmushi, eel-liver soup, pickles, dessert ② MAISEN (Pork cutlet) Recommended set: 1,680 JPY〈Tax included〉【Seasonal ingredients: oyster, Japanese mustard spinach】Deep fried food (Chami pork fillet cutlet (70 g) or loin (80 g), 2 fried oysters), boiled dish (Japanese mustard spinach stewed in mild broth), rice, miso soup, pickles ③ Shimotakaido Asahizushi Sohonten (sushi) Sazanqua: 2,808 JPY〈Tax included〉【Seasonal ingredients: yellowtail, Japanese pufferfish】medium-fatty tuna 2 pcs, red tuna meat, tiger prawn, yellowtail, Japanese pufferfish, mackerel, salmon, salmon roe, squid (with sea urchin), conger eel, egg side dish, chawanmushi, soup ④ Tenmatsu (tempura) Recommended set: 1,944〈Tax included〉【Seasonal ingredients: snow crab, oyster】Tempura (2 prawns, 1 oyster, fried vegetables (lotus root, bean), kakiage tempura from small shrimp and adductor muscle), dish in a small bowl, chawanmushi, snow crab with rice, miso soup, pickles ⑤ UDON NO SHIKOKU (udon) Recommended set: 1,620 JPY〈Tax included〉【Seasonal ingredients: oyster】Assortment of hot or cold udon noodles with tempura (1 prawn, 1 oyster, 1 eggplant, 1 pumpkin, 1 laver), rice with spices, pickles, 1 dessert ⑤Komatsu-an Sohonke (soba noodles) Comparing tastes of soba with cut carrot: 2,000 JPY〈Tax included〉【Seasonal ingredients: crab, prawn, chrysanthemum, carrot】Comparing of tastes of Kawari-soba with kneaded carrot and Nihachi-soba (twenty percent wheat flour and eighty percent buckwheat flour). Only 20 meals per day