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YOKUMOKU's Apple pie





AREATokyo > Harajuku

2018-12-01 00:00 to 2019-04-25 00:00



◇ "Fresh-baked apple pie" appears as a new menu in BLUE BRICK LOUNGE in Aoyama Main Store♪ ◇
This is an apple pie baked with mix of compote made of apples marinaded in calvados* with cinnamon, and mellow apple paste.
Crisp and fragrant pie dough with seasonal fruits as well as sweet scent of apples whet your appetite. The perfect combination of warm apple pie and cold ice cream is topped by streusel with flaky texture.
It is warm after baking, please eat it under slightly bitter caramel sauce.
We bake it separately for each order so this become a warm meal with rich flavor we are proud of. Enjoy playful harmony of 3 components: apple pie, ice cream and caramel.
【Product name】: Fresh-baked apple pie (the 1st picture)
※We bake it after the order is received so it takes time until we serve the product. Thank you for the understanding.
【Base price】: 1,200 JPY (price with taxes 1,296 JPY)
【Sales period】: approximately until April 2019 (scheduled)
*Calvados is a brandy made of apple cider

★ The apple pie served in BLUE BRICK LOUNGE is on sale for takeout in Aoyama Main Store ★
If you get hungry in the neighborhood of Aoyama it is perfect not only for eating while walking but also as a present♪
(If you want it as a present we will put it into a box)
Fresh-baked apple pies are lined up at the store front every day at around 12 an 15 o'clock.
You definitely should try the taste of just cooked product. We are waiting for your visit.
【Product name】: Apple pie (the 2nd picture)
【Base price】: 500 JPY (price with taxes 540 JPY)
【Baking time】: around 12:00 and 15:00*
【Sales period】: approximately until April 2019 (scheduled)
【Point of sale】: YOKU MOKU Aoyama Main SHOP only
*The time may change a little. We appreciate your understanding.
※The quantity on each day is limited so the offer will terminate as soon as the product runs out.
※Available for purchase after 12:00.