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Menu recommendations in December from the manager of "Dining dining" in Tokyu restaurant area in Toyoko Shop




SHOP"Dining dining" in Tokyu restaurant area in Toyoko Shop, Shibuya station 

AREATokyo > Shibuya

2018-12-01 11:00 to 2018-12-31 19:00



The true winter has come and the temperature starts to lower in this season. We introduce warm menus cooked with seasonal ingredients. We introduce set menus and dishes cooked from seasonal ingredients in December. ① Shibuya Matsukawa (eel) Twelfth month eel set meal: 4,320 JPY 〈Tax included〉【Seasonal ingredients: crab, oyster, chrysanthemum】Broiled eel over rice in a lacquered box, tuna sashimi, tempura (scallop, chrysanthemum, 2 prawns), oyster boiled with Japanese pepper, chawanmushi with crab meat, eel-liver soup, pickles, dessert ② MAISEN (Pork cutlet) Recommended set: 1,720 JPY〈Tax included〉【Seasonal ingredients: oyster, mackerel】Deep fried food (Chami pork fillet cutlet (50 g), fried tiger prawn, 1 fried oyster, fried mackerel), boiled dish, rice, miso soup, pickles ③ Shimotakaido Asahizushi Sohonten (sushi) Sazanqua: 2,808 JPY〈Tax included〉【Seasonal ingredients: yellowtail, Japanese pufferfish】medium-fatty tuna 2 pcs, red tuna meat, tiger prawn, yellowtail, Japanese pufferfish, mackerel, salmon, salmon roe, squid (with sea urchin), conger eel, egg side dish, chawanmushi, soup ④ Tenmatsu (tempura) Recommended set: 1,944〈Tax included〉【Seasonal ingredients: snow crab, oyster】Tempura (2 prawns, 1 oyster, fried vegetables (pumpkin, bean), kakiage tempura from small shrimp and adductor muscle), dish in a small bowl, chawanmushi, snow crab with rice, miso soup, pickles ⑤ UDON NO SHIKOKU (udon) Oyster set: 1,404 JPY〈Tax included〉【Seasonal ingredients: oyster】Assortment of fried oysters (5 oysters, cabbage, tartar sauce, lemon), rice, pickles, dish in a small bowl, small udon dish (warm or cold) ⑥ Komatsu-an Sohonke (soba noodles) Soba with steamed chicken and edible roots (warm soba): 1,900 JPY〈Tax included〉【Seasonal ingredients: Japanese mustard spinach, Japanese radish】Steamed chicken, Japanese radish, Japanese mustard spinach, carrot, warm soba noodles with green onion and another ingredients