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YOKUMOKU's Christmas cake and stollen





AREATokyo > Harajuku

2018-12-11 00:00 to 2018-12-25 00:00



◇【150 years of diplomatic relations between Sweden and Japan celebratory ~ Sweden × YOKU MOKU. The 6th stage ~】Only in YOKU MOKU Aoyama Main Store! "Yule Tomte" is the theme of Christmas cake this year ◇

・Only in Aoyama Main Store in 2018! Christmas special shortcake "Yule Tomte" appears♪
With soft baked sponge cake and gentle sweetness of Chantilly cream we dish up it with elegant strawberry.
Cute head of Yule Tomte* sticks out from the whipped cream that looks like snow and decorates the cake.
Such Christmas cake available only in Aoyama makes both grown-ups an kids smile unintentionally.

【Product name】: Yule Tomte
【Price with taxes】: 4,968 JPY (base price is 4,600 JPY)
【Size】: 5 size (15 cm diameter)
【Period of sale】: December 23 (Sunday) ~ December 25 (Tuesday)
※ The quantity is limited ※
※ We are receiving reservations ※

Yule Tomte is a Swedish nisse (fairy) that traditionally appears in houses.
The size is about small child and he wears large red cap. The nisse is considered to be a guardian god of a farmhouse and the Swedish version of Santa Claus nowadays.

◇ Stollen for grown-ups with mellow taste of fruits marinaded in brandy for 6 months ◇
Almonds are added to the dough made with butter, raw marzipan, cinnamon and another spice so together it creates fragrant pie.
This year we use fruits generously marinaded in brandy that is being used even in Pomme de terre. This is a stollen for grown-ups available only in Aoyama Main Store grants you an enjoyment of transformation of taste caused by ripening.

【Product name】: Stollen
【Price with taxes】:〈small〉2,160 JPY (base price is 2,000 JPY)
〈large〉3,240 JPY (base price: 3,000 JPY)
【Size】:〈small〉160 × 90 × 35 mm height
〈large〉220 × 120 × 50 mm height
【Period of sale】: until December 25 (Tuesday)
★ We are receiving reservations ★

※ The quantity is limited ※
*Pomme de terre means "potato" in French.
Fruit cake with fruits being pickled for several months and wrapped into marzipan and chocolate butter cream sweets.