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2018-12-01 10:00 to 2019-02-28 19:30



Ibaraki prefecture is a place where you can enjoy Mother nature located only in slightly more than 1 hour from the city center. Since air is clean in winter you can not only watch beautiful sunrises and sunsets but also many other unique winter scenes in the prefecture. Among them we especially recommend "Fukuroda Falls". Water is falling from 4 steps and therefore they are also known as "Yodo no Taki" ("Waterfall with four steps"). However, it is said that if you do not come several times in different seasons you can not understand the true beauty. Winter is a great chance to see the most significant changes! Scene of giant amount of frozen water is certainly magnificent. Let's enjoy mountains, sea and waterfalls relishing warm gourmet food of Ibaraki! If you do not know which souvenirs to buy please visit Keisei Department Store. Even if it is not possible to travel regions of Ibaraki you can gather famous products of the prefecture. Mito city where Keisei Department Store is located is situated in the central part of Ibaraki prefecture and therefore we recommend to make Mito city your base to travel every area around.