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【Kyoto Takashimaya】【Rental Kimono Okamoto】We give advantageous Takashimaya coupon for customers who use our services!



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2018-11-07 to 2019-02-28



Rental Kimono Okamoto (6 stores in Kyoto city), the coupon can be used in Kyoto Takashimaya


For customers who wear rental kimono and enjoy strolling streets of Kyoto this autumn and winter we present advantageous coupon!
During the period of the event for customers who use services of popular among foreigners kimono store "Rental Kimono Okamoto" (first 4,300 customers) we give a discount coupon that can be used in all 12 stores of Dining Garden Kyokairo on the 7th floor of Kyoto Takashimaya.
Moreover for them who make purchase in Kyoto Takashimaya with the total amount of 10,000 JPY or more (with taxes) and proceed with tax exemption we give a pair of "Arashiyama Railroad 1 day free ticket" for the first 100 groups (200 people).

◆ The information about "Rental Kimono Okamoto" is here ◆
Target stores: Main Store, Kiyomizudera Store, Yasakanotomae Store, Gion Store, Yasaka Shrine Store, Kiyomizu Higashiyama Store (6 stores within Kyoto city)

Would you like to wear admirable kimono and enjoy travel to Kyoto that will remain in your memories?

"Rental Kimono Okamoto" has not only Main Store and Kiyomizudera Store but also Yasakanotomae Store, Gion Store, Yasaka Shrine Store, Kiyomizu Higashiyama Store and Gion Bettei with beautiful large garden is located close to Kodai-ji temple in Kyoto Higashiyama.
Any of that spots are in the middle of Tokyo sightseeing areas dotted with world heritage sites. We construct our stores the way you can enjoy Kyoto by making only one step inside the shop.
Stores are wide and have plenty of space and we have so many items so you will be distracted. Customers of all ages can enjoy kimono with all kinds of patterns. One of interesting features is that the customer can choose elaborate articles like obi, accessories, bag and zori sandals one by one.