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「Bon Week-end」





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2018-11-11 00:00 to 2019-04-20 00:00



◇ A way to spend weekend in slightly grown-up style from YOKU MOKU! "Bon Week-end" is released only in YOKU MOKU Aoyama Main Store・Nihombashi! Which pound cake will you choose in eagerly awaited weekend...? ◇
We have prepared a line-up of pound cakes with slightly adult mood so you could enjoy them on weekend with close people.
In additional to 3 classic types we also prepare 1 seasonal cake. There are 4 pound cakes made of elaborate ingredients with taste focusing on secret ingredients like cinnamon, rum yogurt paste and other.
Slowly try tastes with family on weekend cutting and sharing sweets with each other or any other way.
Gather around "Bon Week-end" and spend weekend with important people and magnificent ingredients.

From the left
"Livre" origins from a book. This cake made of 8 layers of baumkuchen dough looks like pages of a book gently put on each other.
The dough with rich butter flavor and almonds are covered by cream with accent on rum taste. The top is beautiful and made with apricot confiture.

This is a cake with floating refreshing flavor of lemon and bittersweet mild taste.
Yogurt paste and rum are added as a secret ingredient to make refreshing taste.

This is a flavored baked cake that combines 2 types of chocolate and homemade marzipan.
The whole cake is covered with chocolate for coating with almonds. Enjoy rich taste.

★ Limited time product ★
"Cake aux fruits"
This is a premium cake that combines pickles in foreign liquor fruits and nuts.
Fruits being kneaded in the dough are pickled in foreign liquor fruits for Pomme de terre* and the duration of pickling is 6 months.
The top is arranged with abundance of drained maraschino cherry, walnuts, prune, pears and various fruits.

"Pomme de terre" means "potato" in French.
Fruit cake with fruits being pickled for several months and wrapped into marzipan and chocolate butter cream sweets.

● Product name: "Bon Week-end"
● Product contents: Citron・Chocolat・Livre
・Cake aux fruits ※Only "Cake aux fruits" is limited time product
● Base price: base price of classic products (3 items) 2,200 JPY (2,376 JPY with taxes)
Base price of limited time product (1 item) 2,600 JPY (2,808 JPY with taxes)
※Only "Cake aux fruits" is April 20, 2019 (scheduled)
● Stores where available: OKU MOKU Aoyama Main Store, Nihombashi Mitsukoshi (limited time offer is only in Nihombashi Mitsukoshi)