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2018-11-01 to 2019-01-31



In YOKU MOKU new flavor has appeared for "CIGARE" ice cream known as a pairing of bliss!
~ First on sale in "CIGARE Ice Cream (Cafe)" from November 1 during limited time! ~◇

"CIGARE" is cigar-shaped cookies baked with plentiful usage of butter. It is not necessary to say that such flavor, light taste and delicate melting texture are compatible with coffee. So what if combine 100% Brazil coffee with soft rich taste and good balance of bitterness and sour with "CIGARE Ice Cream" known as "pairing of bliss" in SNS... A new flavor of bliss "Cafe" performing a harmony of bitterness and sweetness of coffee is born.
This will be a time limited flavor as an addition to popular among our customers "Strawberry" and "Mango". Since it is cold winter this is the bittersweet rich taste that you can enjoy in a warm room as a reward for yourself doing your best every day! The original rich taste of coffee will heal you from everyday business. New flavors are always received good reputation so please purchase in advance♪
【Product name】CIGARE Ice Cream (Cafe)
【Price with taxes】864 JPY / 4 sticks pack
Assortment of 3 types (vanilla 5 sticks / chocolate 5 sticks / Cafe 8 sticks) 5,400 JPY (postage included)
※4 sticks pack is not available online.
【Sales period】November 1, 2018 ~ on sale only in winter (end date is not determined)
【Points of sale】YOKU MOKU Aoyama Main Shop, the first shopping street in Tokyo station, 
MITSUKOSHI Nihonbashi Main Store, Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku, Odakyu Department Store Machida,
Tobu Department Store IKEBUKURO, Tobu Department Store FUNABASHI, Tobu Department Store SHIBUYA and Toyoko Store, Lazona Kawasaki Plaza
Online shop (
※Advance sale is being conducted now in Aoyama Main Shop. Available products and period of sale differs depending on the store.

★ Another line-up ★
【Vanilla】...Ice cream with outstanding rich milk taste and flavor of CIGARE butter.
You can enjoy melting taste of this marvelous balance and aftertaste of milk.
【Chocolate】...Mild milk chocolate ice cream and sweetness of CIGARE.
Spreading pleasant melt-in-mouth sense and clear sweetness.