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Event to raise awareness of safety and security・Kizuma message concert




SHOP Mitsui Outlet Park Sapporo Kita Hiroshima

AREAHokkaido > Sapporo

2018-10-13 13:00 to 2018-10-13 16:00



~ Event to raise awareness of safety and security・Kizuma message concert ~ Hokkaido "Kizuma" Menzukuri Project believes that people are connected by bonds and born thoughtfulness and therefore crime and traffic accidents will probably disappear. So in cooperation to carried out on Hokkaido "Anszen・Anshin Dosanko Undo" ("Safe and secure campaign from natives of Hokkaido") the Project conducts various activities to improve knowledge about safety and security. Since during 10 days from October 11 to 21 "Regional all-Japan safety campaign" is being held, Hokkaido, Hokkaido Police Sapporo Direction Atsubetsu Police Station, Hokkaido Federation of Association for the Prevention of Crime and another organizations in cooperation with related groups aim creation of safety city without crime and traffic accidents and hold educational events. The goal is improving knowledge about protection against crime, damage prevention and prevention of traffic accidents. 【Sakuraba Hitoshi】 Born in Bifuka town on Hokkaido. Singer and song writer raised in Ebetsu. 12 years have passed from the debut and until now he provided a lot of TV commercials songs for MOE Welfare Service, Sorachi, Nishino Gakuen school, soundtracks for movies and music for theatrical companies. Through classes he creates musical compositions and conducts exchange of musical ideas with elementary school children. In breast cancer (which symbol is pink ribbon) screening movie "Ichi mai no coin" ("One coin") he performed theme song and play, also he worked as a DJ on regular radio show (FM North Wave) and participated in another diverse activities. Music in the latest Album "5/5…Next Vol.1" is provided by Toshinori Yonekura, Tateki Kobayashi and another prominent musician, and the album makes opening of new ideas its concept. 【SOLDOUT】 state continues on a stage of regular hall concert for about 1,000 people in the end of the year, and in this period heart-warming and cordial stage gathers favorable reception. ≪Multifarious activities≫ ・Take an office of the first sightseeing ambassador in Bifuka town ・Take an office of a special envoy of sightseeing in Ebetsu ・Take an office of adviser regarding road traffic safety ・Award of gratitude letter from police ・Pink Ribbon activities ・Red Ribbon activities ◇ Regular shows ◇ FM North Wave "Sakuraba Hitoshi no Morning Set" ("Morning Set from Sakuraba Hitoshi", every Saturday at 10:00~) ◇ Sakuraba Hitoshi fan club ◇ Admission to "Hitoshi with Friends" is being held! ◇ Activities as a honorary member of Hokkaido "Kizuma" Menzukuri Project