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Candles & snow globe & herbarium making experience




SHOPMitsui Outlet Park Sapporo Kita Hiroshima

AREAHokkaido > Sapporo

2018-10-13 10:00 to 2018-10-28 19:00



2nd floor of Maple Mall in front of American Eagle


Anyone can enjoy an experience of simple making the only one unique item in the World * Gel candle * Snow globe * Herbarium * ★☆ Candle making experience ☆★ Decorate shot glass with cute glass handwork! Pour transparent and soft wax and enjoy creating unique in the whole World candle! You can write message and do another arrangements and therefore enjoy creating a candle filled with your feelings. You can choose glass style like shot glass, hear-shaped one, block-shaped, aquarium style, bubble style and other! ■ Creating time: 15~20 minutes (it takes some time to dry after making) ■ Price: from 1,296 JPY (cute class arrangement is a 1 set) You can put colorful layers (18 colors), shells and beads as much as you want! ※Regarding glass arrangements, only the 2nd and further items costs additional 324 JPY. ■ Candles burning time is from 40 to maximum 50 hours. ★☆ Snow globe making experience ☆★ How about choosing among hundreds of funny figures and making the only unique snow globe? There is nothing to add to impressive dancing shining powder. It is fun both to choose figure and to decorate. Shape and quality are up to your creative imagination! You can also put a picture inside! ■ You can choose among 3 price ranges. Globe 1,296 ~ 1,944 JPY Figures 108 JPY / 216 JPY / 324 JPY (we prepare several hundreds of them) Picture (5 cm width × 7 cm height): one side 540 JPY, both sides 648 JPY Stand illumination (only transparent or white stands) 864 JPY ★☆ Herbarium making experience ☆★ Popular now bottled herbarium! You can easily experience making of it. Choose bottle size, cut favorite dried flowers in according to the bottle and after pouring special oil it is finished. It will become a good addition to your interior. So would you like to watch, decorate and be healed by it? 100 ml bottle 1,296 JPY 150 ml bottle 1,620 JPY 210 ml bottle 1,944 JPY It looks much greater being illuminated from the coaster! Coaster 864 JPY (3-colored LED lamp automatically emits 8 colors) ※All prices include taxes.