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Menu recommendations in October from the manager of "Dining dining" in Tokyu restaurant area




SHOP"Dining dining" in Tokyu restaurant area on the 9th floor of West building

AREATokyo > Shibuya

2018-10-01 11:00 to 2018-10-31 22:00



Deep autumn is coming and this is the time of various seasonal food and good appetite. We introduce set menus and dishes cooked from seasonal ingredients in October. ① "Shibuya Matsukawa" (eel) Tenth month eel set meal: 4,320 JPY 〈Tax included〉【Seasonal ingredients: king oyster mushroom, persimmon, ginkgo nuts】Broiled eel over rice in a lacquered box, tuna sashimi, tempura (king oyster mushroom, sweet potato, 2 prawns), persimmon with tofu and sesame, chawanmushi with ginkgo nuts, eel-liver soup, pickles, dessert ②〈MAISEN〉(Pork cutlet) Recommended set: 1,680 JPY〈Tax included〉【Set menu of the month】Deep fried food (Chami pork fillet cutlet (70 g) or pork loin cutlet (80 g), 2 fried oysters), dish in a small bowl, rice, miso soup, piickles) ③〈Shimotakaido Asahizushi Sohonten〉(sushi) Akizakura "Cosmos" : 2,808 JPY〈Tax included〉【Set menu of the month】medium-fatty tuna 2 pcs, bonito, red tuna meat, tiger prawn, scallop,  fish with the silver skin, salmon roe, squid  (with sea urchin), conger eel, matsutake mushroom boiled in soy sauce, soup ④〈Tenmatsu〉(tempura) Recommended set: 1,944〈Tax included〉【Seasonal ingredients: matsutake mushroom】Tempura (2 prawns, kakiage tempura from small shrimp and adductor muscle, 3 kinds of vegetables), sashimi (tuna, bream), dish in a small bowl, chawanmushi, rice with matsutake mushrooms, miso soup, pickles ⑤〈UDON NO SHIKOKU〉(udon) Lively autumn maple set: 1,782 JPY〈Tax included〉【Seasonal ingredients: bonito, fried chicken mushroom, salmon roe, lotus root】Minced straw-fried bonito from Kochi, steamed bun with lotus root, sesame tofu, seasonal tempura (prawn, sweet potato, fried chicken mushroom, green pepper, ear of rice), rice with salmon and salmon roe, small udon dish ⑤〈Komatsu-an Sohonke〉(soba noodles) Autumn tempura and seiro soba with cut chestnut〈Tax included〉【Seasonal ingredients: chestnut, salmon, eggplant, sweet potato】Soba with chestnuts, salmon, eggplant, shiitake mushroom, sweet potato ※Only 20 meals per day