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magical² Celebration of the release of mini-album "Hareru Sa ☀" available on sale on September 26 (Wednesday). Free live performance & privilege events. The event is decided to be held!!



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SHOPSeven Park Ario Kashiwa

AREAAround Tokyo > Around Tokyo Others

2018-09-09 14:00 to 2018-09-09 15:00



Smile Park


"magical² Celebration of the release of mini-album "Hareru Sa ☀" available on sale on September 26. Free live performance & privilege events" will be held on September 9th!

■ Date: September 9, Sunday
■ Time: 14:00~ (reception for reservation of CDs opens from 10:00) ※Depending on the circumstances on the day of the event changes may occur.
■ Place: Seven park Ario Kashiwa, Smile Park
■ Contents: live stage performance + high five event & instant camera photo event
■ Participation: viewing is free (a ticket is required to participate in the high five event & instant camera photo event)

【About priority watching of the live stage performance】
※Depending on weather or transportation conditions on the day of performance, time, place and contents of the event may be changed. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
Watching the event is free but we will arrange a "Priority watching area" in front of the stage on the day of the event.
We will distribute "Numbering tickets to enter the priority watching area" for persons who booked the CD.

※"Numbering ticket to enter the priority watching area" will be distributed during drawing and non-winning is also possible. We will stop the reception for the drawing of lots for the participation until morning 10:00 among persons who stand in line.
※With 1 "Numbering ticket to enter the priority watching area" 1 guardian or parent and 2 elementary school students or younger children can enter. (1 ticket is necessary per middle school student or older person). It is dangerous for preschool child to enter alone and therefore it is necessary to enter together with a guardian or parent.
※For booking of the targeting CD in the order of purchase you can participate in the drawing the number of times corresponding to the number of tickets purchased per payment.
※You will be provided with the random number of the numbering ticket to the "Priority watching area". If a person gets the ticket earlier it does not mean that the reference number could be obtained earlier.
※We will start distribution of the "Numbering ticket to enter the priority watching area" when the number of them reaches the planned quantity.
※Guests who would like only to watch please follow the announcement on that day and wait.Even the space behind the priority area may become a waiting place for the persons who purchased the CD so please refrain from taking the place in advance.

【How to participate in the event】
For persons who booked a mini-album "Hareru Sa☀" available on sale from September 26 (Wednesday) 2018 with advance payment, on site we will provide 1 CD per the privilege events participation ticket as written below in according to the format. A person with a 1 ticket can participate in the following privilege events only 1 time.

★ Persons who booked first-run limited edition production recording [AICL-3568~3569] with the price 2,