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Shimamura Gakki Shinjuku PePe Store is a music store and tax-free store which proud of a great number of available goods and displayed items in Tokyo!



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2018-08-07 10:00 to 2018-10-07 22:00



Shimamura Gakki Shinjuku PePe Store is a tax-free store. One of the largest selection and size in Tokyo. There are "Guitar zone", "Digital zone" and "Classic zone" inside and each zone carries wide variety of products and supported by highly qualified staff. 【Classic zone】 The total number of displayed keyboard instruments is 140! From acoustic pianos to electric and portable pianos! Large amount of keyboard instruments of different categories are available, and popular portable pianos and keyboards are very compact so the number of customers who buy it during travel increases. In the wind instruments corner we carry full list of products starting from saxophones! Moreover we carry extremely popular now electronic wind instruments and wind synthesizers. 【Digital zone】 This is a professional shop with all sorts of digital instruments and knowledgeable staff, and we carry not only classic items but also a little of fan instruments as well as high-end equipment. This is one of the popular spots in our store. In addition "Roland Planet" produced by music instrument maker Roland is adjacent. Full-time maker staff is regularly onsite and since a lot of instruments are displayed you can try them right away. Also in the electric drums corner you can try each series of V-Drums, so this is the electric drums corner where you can test, choose and get an advise. 【Guitar zone】 This area is occupied not only by electric guitars, electric basses and acoustic guitars but also by all kinds of accessories like amplifiers and effects. We have not only new articles but also large number of used products. If you are thinking of making purchase in tax-free shop visiting us you definitely should make use of our store.