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Menu recommendations in July from the manager of "Dining dining" in Tokyu restaurant area




SHOP"Dining dining" in Tokyu Department Store Toyoko Shop

AREATokyo > Shibuya

2018-07-01 11:00 to 2018-07-31 22:00



This is a season when humid rainy weather is over and you can feel true bracing and summer filled with the sense of freedom. We introduce set menus and dishes cooked from seasonal ingredients in July. ①〈Shibuya Matsukawa〉(Eel) Unaju (broiled eel with rice served in a box) Sakura: 4,320 JPY〈Tax included〉【Set menu of the month】Unaju (170 g)・eel-liver soup・pickles・dessert ②〈MAISEN〉(Pork cutlet) Recommended set: 1,680 JPY〈Tax included〉【Seasonal  ingredients: green soybeans, wax gourd】Deep-fried food (Chamiton pork filet cutlet (70 g) or loin cutlet (80 g), green soybeans croquette)・dish in small bowl (boiled dish) with wax gourd covered by powdered prawn (cold dish)・rice・miso soup・pickles ③〈Shimo-takaido Asahizushi Sohonten〉(Sushi) Umi: 2,808 JPY〈Tax included〉【Set menu of the month】Fatty meat of tune・tiger prawn・pike conger・11 pcs of sushi (eel and other), egg side dish, boiled cold dish, wax gourd dressed with a thick starchy crab sauce, soup ④〈Tenmatsu〉(Tempura) Recommended set: 1,944〈Tax included〉【Seasonal ingredients: conger eel, green pepper】・Tempura (2 prawns, green pepper, lotus root, eggplant, deep-fried prawn and itaya shellfish)・conger eel rice・miso soup・pickles・chawanmushi・dish in small bowl・sashimi (tuna, bream) ⑤〈Komatsu-an Sohonke〉(Soba noodles) Yuzukiri Ajikurabe Soba (Comparing tastes of soba with sliced citron fruit, udon flour and buckwheat flour proportion is 2:8): 2,000 JPY〈Tax included〉【Seasonal ingredients: trout, yuzu (citron fruit)】Soba (udon flour and buckwheat flour proportion is 2:8) with sliced citron fruit・1 prawn, 1 sillago, tempura from 2 vegetable types ※Only 20 meals per day ⑥〈Udon no Shikoku〉(Udon noodles) Recommended set: 1,480 JPY〈Tax included〉【Seasonal ingredients: oval squid】Curry udon with seafood (octopus, blue mussel, squid, prawn with head) ・Mini salad・cooked white rice・dessert We are waiting for your visit!