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【Takashimaya Okayama Store】Enjoy the tastes from all over Japan while in Okayama “Delicacy Collection”



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SHOPTakashimaya Okayama Store

AREAWestern Honshu, Shikoku > OKAYAMA

2018-06-13 to 2018-06-18



TAKASHIMAYA Okayama Store. Hall on the 8th floor


Enjoy the tastes from all over Japan while in Okayama 【Delicacy Collection】
"This is a popular event not only for Japanese customers but also for foreign tourists because "you can enjoy the attractions from many parts of Japan at once".A fancy bento with Kyoto beef, Yamagata's red ruby [cherries], Nagasaki's specialties, braised pork in steamed bun etc ... Fine and exquisite foods selected from various locations all over Japan are gathered in Okayama.A luxurious event in which you can feel the attractions of each location of Japan while enjoying your trip in Okayama. Please come and visit us!
(The venue in the 8th floor is open everyday until 7pm. On the last day,June 18th (Mon), it will be closed at 4pm.)

1. A fancy bento with the highest A5 rank Kyoto beef.
[Restaurant Cameron] Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
A5 rank Kyoto beef steak bento (1 box) 1,512 yen

2. "A large bento that allows you to enjoy berkshire pig and Japanese black beef at the same time."
[Dining Banrai] Shibushi city, Kagoshima prefecture
Berkshire pig ・Japanese black beef tasting bento (1 box) 1,620 yen

3. Yamagata's red ruby [cherries]. Directly sent from orchard.
[Takahashi Fruits Land] Kamiyama City, Yamagata Prefecture
Sato Nishiki (1 pack/200g) 1.080 yen

4. A special product from Nagasaki. "Dongpo pork" wrapped in a soft bun.
[Iwasaki Honpo] Nagasaki city, Nagasaki prefecture
Nagasaki braised pork bun (1 piece) 401 yen

5. Selected ingredients・making method, elaborate [Sanuki Udon]
[Hinode noodle shop] Sakaide city, Kagawa prefecture,
Broth poured udon with prawn tempura and egg (1serving · Only 60 servings per day) 981 yen