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2018 Alipay campaign is being held!




SHOPTokyu Department Store Main Store・Toyoko Shop

AREATokyo > Shibuya

2018-06-14 10:00 to 2018-08-31 20:00



Tokyu Department Store Main Store・Toyoko Shop


○ Contents of the campaign: If make payment by Huabei in Japan we immediately provide a refund (cashback) up to 3 times per person. The money amount is random and if the total amount reach the value of 200 yuan the campaign is over. ○ Campaign rules: 1. Cashback is an award only during the campaign. It is possible to use it within 15 days after obtaining. 2. Refunded amount can be only used in case of payment with Alipay and therefore it is not possible to withdraw it as cash or transfer to another users. 3. Refunded amount can be only used only in case of payment by Huabei next time. ○ Important notes 1. It is necessary to apply on Huabei page in advance. It is being refreshed each month so if you participate next month it is necessary to apply again. 2. It is necessary to set the first priority to "Huabei" as payment method in the Alipay application. ○ Target stores Main Store: cosmetics corner on the 1st floor Toyoko Shop: cosmetics and miscellaneous goods corner on the 1st floor of the west building / cosmetics corner on the 5th floor of the west building, ladies' shoes on the 5th corner of the south building ※Please check for the details with corner's Alipay mark (signboard).