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Menu recommendations in June from the manager of "Dining dining" in Tokyu restaurant area




SHOP"Dining dining" on the 9th floor of the West building of Tokyu Department Store Toyoko Shop

AREATokyo > Shibuya

2018-06-01 to 2018-06-30



During the season when light rain continues to rain, but when it stops you can feel sunlight and warm of early summer in this time of year. We introduce set menus cooked from Japanese seasonal ingredients in June. ① "Shibuya Matsukawa" (eel) Sixth month's eel set meal: 4,320 JPY (tax included) 【Seasonal ingredients: squid and yam) (Set contents: broiled eel and rice, tuna sashimi, long cut squid, grated yam, · chilled chawanmushi, eel-liver soup, pickles, dessert) ② "MAISEN" (pork cutlet) Recommended set: 1,620 JPY (tax included)【Seasonal ingredients: pumpkin】 (Set contents: deep-fried food (Chamiton pork fillet 70 g or pork loin cutlet), deep fried stuffed pumpkin and mince, small bowl (vinegared summer vegetables), rice, miso soup, pickles) ③ "Shimotakaido Asahizushi Sohonten" (sushi) Wakaba: 2,808 JPY (tax included)【Set menu of this month】 (Set contents: medium-fatty tuna 2 pcs, chicken grunt, seriola, bonito, horse mackerel, salmon, velvet shrimp, salmon roe, squid with sea urchin, conger eel, omelet, chawanmushi, soup)