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SHOPTOBU department store IKEBUKURO

AREATokyo > Ikebukuro

2018-04-26 10:00 to 2018-05-08 18:00



TOBU department store IKEBUKURO


The number one exhibition of products in the metropolitan area! "Large fair of food from Hokkaido" is being held!!

From April 26th (Thu) to May 8th (Tue) "Umidoke. Yukidoke. Large fair of food from Hokkaido" is held in the event hall on the 8th floor of TOBU department store IKEBUKURO.
The theme of this time is "Umidoke and Yumidoke". "Umiake" is the season when spring comes, floating ice starts to go away and at the same time fishing season begins. Stock farms meet the season of "Yukidoke" ("snow melting") also. We recommend seasonal sea products of this time of year, milk made on farms where elaborate milk cows are being grown and collaboration of famous confections!
Moreover, seasonal products from asparagus are also popular.
There are about 90 stores popular on Hokkaido gathered on site. Try tastes of Hokkaido being inside and since this is a recommended funny event for family use this chance to visit department store IKEBUKURO.

Picture 1
【Sushi restaurant Minami】from Wakkanai city
< Limited product of TOBU department store > Wakkanai nigiri sushi. 8 pieces 2,501 JPY
"Minami" is a store established in Wakkanai, the northernmost place of Hokkaido. Only here you can try deluxe nigiri sushi made of high rank fish "hakkaku" (Podothecus sachi), scallop (only 6 pieces of sushi can be gotten from half-body cut) and another fish!

Picture 2
【Sweets workshop Furano Delice】from Furano city
< Limited product of TOBU department store > Mug cup milk pudding from Shimmura farm
(1 pc) 864 JPY. Only 30 items each day
This pudding is made of milk and raw cream from Tokachi Shimmura farm. This is a limited event product and mug cup can not be purchased even on Hokkaido.

Picture 3
【Petite Merveille】from Hakodate city
< Limited product of TOBU department store > GINRYU with yogurt and strawberry. (1 pc) 501 JPY. Only 300 items each day
Sponge seeped with orange covered with yogurt cream from Yamakawa farm is the feature. The surface is covered with freeze‐dry small-grained strawberry topping.

Picture 4
【Yamase Miyahara】from Hakodate city
< Limited product of TOBU department store > Toast roll ups with asparagus and bacon. 1 roll 389 JPY
soft minced fish with bacon and cheese is wrapped into asparagus from Hokkaido and put inside bread.

Event summary
Title: Umiake. Yukidoge. Large fair of food from Hokkaido
Period: April 26th ~ May 8th (Tue) 2018
Business hours: 10:00~20:00 ※will be closed in 18:00 on the last day
Place: event hall on the 8th floor of TOBU department store IKEBUKURO