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Okayama Takashimaya Store’s 45th anniversary (Great Hokkaido Fair)



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AREAWestern Honshu, Shikoku > OKAYAMA

2018-04-25 to 2018-05-07



TAKASHIMAYA Okayama Store. Hall on the 8th floor


This Hokkaido Fair is by far one of the most popular amongst numerous local products events.
It is popular with Japanese customers, but thanks to the possibility of being able to enjoy Hokkaido makes it popular amongst tourists too.
Okayama Takashimaya is also hosting this time (Great Hokkaido Fair) fresh “Uminosachi” products of the sea, blessings from the field, sweets, Ramen, etc… plenty menus with ingredients and delicacies from Hokkaido’s many treasures gathered in Okayama.
It’s an event that allows you to enjoy your trip Okayama trip while enjoying the early summer beauty of Hokkaido. Please stop by!
(The closing time of the last day, 7th of May (Mon) is 4pm)

〔Shimada store〕 (Live demonstration)
Hokkaido’s King crab & Red snow crab comparative tasting Bentos (1 Pc.)…2484 yen (up to 50 Pcs. every day)

〔Yakiniku restaurant Sara〕 (Live demonstration)
Local beef’s flavor, comparative tasting Bentos (1 Pc.)…2,268 yen (up to 50 Pcs. every day)
Local beef Sirloin is seasoned with salt, sauce and green onions. A bento that combines yakiniku of red meat from Hokkaido’s beef’s lamp in diced roast steaks with pork minced hamburger meat

〔Otaru western style sweets store LeTAO〕
① (Live demonstration) LeTAO’s parfait~Hokkaido with Ginryu strawberries and blueberries~ (1cup)…972 yen
Array of sweets Takashimaya Okayama’s limited edition “Cheese Cake Double Fromage” mixed with strawberries and blueberries. With the soft flavor of cheese cake fruit bitterness in a milk ice-cream, (fresh sweets).
※Please eat it at the exhibition hall, take away not available.
② Double Fromage Roll (1 stick/frozen)…1944 yen (limited to 20 sticks, 2 sticks per person per day)

=== Souvenirs from Hokkaido===
We also have well-known souvenirs from Hokkaido available like the Shiroi Koibito biscuits.
〔Ryugetsu〕 Sanboroku (plain)…630 yen
〔Rokkatei〕 Marseille Butter Sandwich (1 box/5 pieces)
〔Kitakaro〕 Hokkaido’s original rice crackers (1 box/170g) (Itadori Pollock roe. Hakodate squid. Esashi Scallops)… each 441 yen
〔Ishiya sweets〕 Shiroi Koibito (1 box/12 pieces)…762 yen