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The 2nd Exhibition of Akae Saibyou (red painting on ceramics) by Kazuhiko Komekyu




SHOPKeisei Department Store

AREAAround Tokyo > Around Tokyo Others

2018-04-12 10:00 to 2018-04-18 17:00



Art Gallery on the 6th floor of Keisei Department Store


Beautiful patterns of good luck representing wishes for hope and happiness Akae Saibyou is an elaborate art and elegant decorative works delicately painted by extremely thin brush and Akae tools on glaze of Kutani pottery using fine technique. Even among Kitani pottery famous for 360 yeas history, this fine art of Akae Saibyou being especially gorgeous and beautiful takes hearts of people and does not let them go. Be tossed about by the time from Meiji Era and met the crisis of be almost forgotten, last years it has been restored and now Mr. Kazuhiko Komekyu is the one among the rising generation who are to bear the destiny of Akae Saibyou on his shoulders. Use this chance to scrutinize works of Mr. Komekyu continuing representing unique fascinating outlook on the world with mixing traditional techniques and new modern sense with skillful sublimation of them from novel viewpoint.