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45th Anniversary of opening of Okayama Takashimaya Store "The 6th Big Kyoto Exhibition"



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AREAWestern Honshu, Shikoku > OKAYAMA

2018-04-11 to 2018-04-17



TAKASHIMAYA Okayama Store. Hall on the 8th floor


"Big Kyoto Exhibition" bringing the flavors of early summer in Kyoto to Okayama is being held this year also.
From miscellaneous goods and art works representing great skills of masters to traditional tastes and true hospitality products from Kyoto and many other articles will be available on this social event filled with "Taste and skills" of Kyoto. In addition to watching demonstrations conducted on site by chefs and craftsmen, you can enjoy exclusive popular sweets, that day's "Nishiki Market special selection" kitchen and other. Moreover, on the first day on April 11th (Wed) professional dancers from Kyoto will come.
If you are in Okayama you definitely should visit "Big Kyoto Exhibition" and feel the grace of Kyoto.

【Kyoto-style fan Tokuno】Fan decorated with handwriting (Tsubaki Ayu): 22,140 JPY
This Kyoto-style fan is filled with the elegance of Kyoto from Heian Era.

【Kyoto cuisine Shimogamo Saryo】Picnic lunch boxes from old restaurant (1 box with 2 levels): 2,160 JPY (only 50 boxes each day)
Established in the 3rd year of Ansei Era (1856) cha-kaiseki light meals restaurant from Kyoto offers lunch boxes with the taste of spring (Okayama Takashimaya Original).

【Traditional confectionery from Kyoto Tawaraya Yoshitomi】Seasonal high-grade Japanese fresh confections (1 pc): 432 JPY per 1 pc
This old store established in 1755 keeps producing beautiful Kyoto confections. It grants sweet and elegant taste from Kyoto.

【Famous tea from Kyoto Fukujuen】Ice cream with premium powdered green tea (1 pc): 501 JPY
This is an ice cream with original green tea from tea shops of Kyoto.

◆ Maiko(apprentice geisha) will come ◆
Date and time: April 11th (Wed) 10:00~12:00
Maiko(apprentice geisha) "Hikarihana" from Kyoto hanamachi (geisha distrcit) will visit the store!