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Super Autobacs Tokyo Bay Shinonome Store


We have started sales of Under Suzuki goods! "Time attack of motor sport originated in Japan" "And at the head of this time attack is Under Suzuki!" The passionate man who devoted the most part of his life to the time attack! Originally he was a regular street racer polish his skills heading the peak, but then taking advantage of invitation from seniors to Tsukuba Circuit he was caught by the attractiveness of time attack and continued this way until now. The great feature of Under Suzuki is not only a strong focused concentration of as a driver performing time attack , but also the fact that he developed and set up attack machine (S15 SILVIA) by his own hands. Sacrificing sleep every day until late night he works on the machine. Thinking about the way how to drive faster, embodying his ideas in the machine he continues to proof on circuit racing that it is the right way. A new record on Tsukuba Circuit in 2012. At the present days he renew this record every year. (50.366 seconds in February 2018, present time) He has a thousands of years of lacking sleep but quite pain in the neck^^;