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Hirosaki appliese projection mapping




SHOPHirosaki appliese

AREANorthern Honshu > Northern Honshu Others

2017-12-13 16:30 to 2018-03-31 20:00



In front of the 2nd floor entrance of Hirosaki station building Appliese


JR East Japan Railway Company Aomori Commerce Development


In Hirosaki station building Appliese under management of JR East Japan Railway Company Aomori Commerce Development we start appliese projection mapping from December 13th (Wed). The goal is produce lively atmosphere near Hirosaki station. On large about 5 m tall white tree standing In front of 2nd floor entrance to Appliese, every day from 16:30 a video with the theme "Seasons × Hirosaki" will be projected. The theme of December is "Christmas". Dancing shining powder snow, gorgeous light beams running about and three-dimensional ornament of the projection mapping floating in the air change the shape of Christmas tree into fantastic Christmas performance. And the expected period is from December to the next spring. We plan 4 themes that will be changing each season. In addition, only visitors of Appliese can have special video experience after using magic ball. Due to the opening on December 13th at 16:30 illumination will be conducted. Watching is free. (Cooperation in realization) Hirosaki station Free Passage and another executive committees to to generate footfall and promote sales (Video making) Payapaya Laboratory