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With more fun♪SWEETS PARADISE! The 4th part





AREATokyo > Ikebukuro

2017-12-01 to 2018-01-31



"With more fun♪SWEETS PARADISE! The 4th part"
Atmosphere, space and service that let you feel and experience enjoyment!
New menu of shows up in SWEETS PARADISE from December 1st 2017!

SWEETS PARADISE has 30 shops in the whole Japan and we always offer dreamlike space where you can enjoy over 30 kinds of favorite sweets and drinks offered as all-you-can-eat basis
This time to let you relish SWEETS PARADISE more we prepared popular products with a theme "With more fun♪SWEETS PARADISE! The 4th part".

~SWEETS PARADISE with more fun! Introduction of the contents~

■ We started SWEETS PARADISE application!
We will give a "Drinking straw glasses" as a present for application's members!
※From December 1st 2017 until we run out of stock

■We have started a cafe buffet!
We started limited" cafe buffet" from 15:00! You may enjoy sweets and drinks at all-you-can-eat basis for 980 yen (tax included).

■New sweets appear continuously!
<Saint Mark>
Rich chocolate mousse and white chocolate mousse are made in the shape of sandwich by almond sponge cake. Caramelized crust is also tasty.

<Amazake bavarian cream>
To let you taste soft flavor of amazake, we made bavarian cream without sugar.

<Rum raisin roll>
We gently put fluffy substantion of raisin with flavor of rum syrup and white chocolate cream into roll.

<Oumi coffee mousse>
This is a mousse with 2 layers of coffee and mascarpone tastes. This is an elaborate product made with original blend Oumi coffee.

<Soft strawberry cheesecake>
On gently baked without haste cheese we poured homemade strawberry jam cooked with balsamic vinegar.

<Mille-feuille with marshmallow and ganache cream>
Lower layer of custard cream and marshmallow and upper layer of ganache cream are made in sandwich form by crunchi pie.

■ New food also shows up!
<Sweet chicken curry>
This is mild sweet chicken curry that will satisfy both children and adults.

<4 colored potato salad> This potato salada is made of 4 cultivars of potato with different colors: baron potato (white), shadow queen (violet), northern ruby (red) and Inca awakening (yellow).

■ In addition we offer many another new products.

■ "With more fun♪SWEETS PARADISE! The 4th part" is not conducted in Akita OPA store.