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1% or 12% cash-back in case of settlement by "花呗" (Up to 200 yuan)



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SHOPMarronnier Gate Ginza, the whole 2 & 3 buildings (excluding Nitori and AINZ&TULPE)

AREATokyo > Ginza, Yurakucho

2017-11-11 to 2018-03-31



Marronnier Gate Ginza, the whole 2 & 3 buildings


1% or 12% cash back in case of settlement by "花呗" (Up to 200 yuan)
※Cash-back rate is random.
※Will be applied to the full amount paid by "花呗" during the campaign period.

Excluding Nitori and AINZ&TULPE.

【Important notes】
1. Applicable on in case of payment made with Alipay mobile application (version 7.7 or newer).
During the campaign period (November 7th 2017 ~ March 31st 2018) cash-back will be provided as a cash coupon
with 1% (max 50 yuan) or 12% (max 200 yuan) of the total amount.
250,000 cash coupons are prepared and will be distributed at first-come-first-served basis. Percentage (1% or 12%) will be set randomly.
All amount of money is Chinese Yuan.
2. This campaign is for living abroad users of Alipay.
After confirmation of a real name, it is necessary to register telephone number.
User who has the following: the same Alipay account, ID number, telephone number, cash card
or mobile device - is considered as the same user.
3. The total payment amount is calculated based on payment amount written in schedule of transactions on Alipay side.
Cash-back is not provided in case of return of goods or cancelled payment.
4. Cash-back will be distributed to Alipay accounts as cash coupons until April 30th 2018.
Please check card case in Alipay application. Please check "花呗" application for the details.
Important: to participate in the campaign it is necessary to set "花呗" as the first payment method.
5. If you have any troubles during the payment process, please inquire to Alipay customer support +8657195188.
【How to set up】Registration in Alipay application - 花呗 - Set up - Choose payment method order and select "花呗" as the first one.