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TOWER RECORDS Seven Park Ario Kashiwa Store Presents Seven Park Ario Kashiwa Girls Festival 2017



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2017-09-24 12:00 to 2017-09-24 16:00



Smile Park


Idol group “Sanshimai” holding activity in local area will navigate you, so 7 splendid groups start idol festival!

On that day mini live concert and privilege party will be held!
We are waiting for a lot of visitors♪♪
Performance: Sanshimai, Minyo Girls, Li-V-RAVE, Tawasaki Punch☆, RANDOSERUZ, Dear COLOR, Golden Age
Contents: mini live concert and privilege party
Contents of privileges: not decided

Privilege ticket will be passed to persons who make a purchase of target goods in specially arranged booth.
Watch is free so everyone can see it!
・Reservation or buying of target goods is only at counter of target stores. We do not accept requests by phone etc.
・Distribution of event tickets will be stopped as soon as we reach the capacity of visitors. After the distribution is stopped, event ticket will not be provided even if you buy or reserve goods. Please be careful (the title of tickets differs depending on event).
・In case of ticket loss, damage or if the ticket was stolen, we do not reissue it, so please be careful.
・If the ticket is necessary on the event, visitors (elementary school children and older) must bring it.
・There are no lockers or cloakroom onsite. Please take responsibility for taking care of your luggage.
・We strictly decline you to stay up all night and another actions onsite and surrounding areas.
・It is prohibited to have meals and drinks in the store.
・Depending on circumstances the contents may be changed or event may be cancelled. Thank you very much for the understanding.
・Regarding availability of numbered tickets, this information on the screen may be obsolete due to time lag so please ask the counter for the details.
Sanshimai HP

Date: September 24th (Sun)
Time: 12:00~
Place: Smile Park