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JILL STUART RELAX new item & limited items




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2014-12-01 to 2014-12-31



MCS Marunouchi Cosmetics Selection


MCS Marunouchi Cosmetics Selection


JILL STUART RELAX new item & limited items
Beginning from Nov 21 2014, you can let your hands relax.
When you just wake up, or are looking at the mirror, from things you can touch, wear, or to freshen up your room, we have a wide collection.

Subtle, beautiful women touching their glass or smiling slightly covering their mouths with their finger tips. Dresses with cuffs peaking out, and smooth, shiny hands, with an elegant gesture, bring your inner beauty out.

Our products give off a hint of white floral and tuberose & rose scent and is gentle on the skin.

The smooth cream wraps around the fingertips like a veil, and will make you feel all warm and happy on the inside.

Without applying water you can feel refreshed with our products, and you can apply the hand gel to the skin without having your hand get irritated.

The sale begins on November 21st 2014 and you can get a 250 ml of Jill Stuart's Relax and Fresh Hand Cream for 2,000 JPY

By using the cream your fingertips will become moist and smooth.

Nov 21, 2014 Special Limited Time Products
Jill Stuart Relax Hand Cream
74g 2,400 JPY (tax not included)
30g 1,200 JPY (tax not included)

Or try the hand cream R. It will leave your skin feeling soft and fully moisturized.

Nov 21, 2014 Limited Time Offer
75g 2,400 JPY (tax not included)
30g 1,200 JPY (tax not included)