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1st Anniversary Special Lottery



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2017-04-30 10:00 to 2017-04-30 17:00



1F East Court (In front of H&M)


During the period from Monday 24th (Monday) to Sunday 30th (Sunday), we will distribute 1 lottery participation ticket for every purchase of 3,000 yen (tax included / can not be added to another receipt) at Ario Mall Specialty Store · Ito-Yokado.

If you bring it to the 1F East Court (H & amp M square) drawing lot on April 30 (Sunday), you can participate once per ticket. & Nbsp;

Lottery ticket distribution period] & nbsp;
Monday, 24th April to 30th Sunday, 1 sheet will be distributed for every 3,000 yen (tax included / can not be added) & nbsp;
※ Lottery participation tickets will be distributed at 17:00 on April 30th (Sunday).
※ Lottery participation tickets will be closed as soon as they are gone. & Nbsp;
※ Shops that are not issued receipts will be excluded.
※ Purchase of gift certificates / cash vouchers, electronic money charges, vending machines etc are excluded. & Nbsp;

A prize: Dyson V6 Fluffy SV 09 MH ... 1 piece & nbsp;
B Award: I Robot Rumba 680 ... 1 piece & nbsp;
C Award: Dream Factory Doctor Air 3D Massage Sheet S MS-001 (BK, RD, BL) ... 3 pieces * Color It can not be chosen. D prize: Nippon Posutek Bluetooth Speaker Air Speaker 2 ... 3 pieces & nbsp;
E Award: DOORS LIVING PRODUCTS Mug, bowl, plate 6 size / plate 8 size 4 piece set (INDIGO) ... 1 piece & nbsp;
F Award: COLMAN INDIGO LABEL Rechair (Denim) ... 1 piece & nbsp;
G Award: OUTDOOR PRODUCTS Two-tone Square Daypack / Kids Daypack / Roll Boston Bag ... 3-piece set 1 bottle & nbsp;
H Award: Catalog Gift · Hokkaido Seven-Star Gift (Kamui Course) ... 2 · · · nbsp; Fukuoka Course) 1 piece ... total 3 pieces & nbsp;
I prize: Nintendo 2DS ... 2 pieces & nbsp;
J prize: Seven & Circle minutes ... 100 pieces
& nbsp;
* Due to the weather and traffic conditions of the day, the time, place and contents of the event may be changed.
& nbsp; Please note in advance.

Schedule: Sunday, April 30, 2017
Time: 10: 00 ~ 17: 00 *Get it while supplies last
Location: 1st East Coat (H & M square)