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3/24日(Fri)~26(Sun) Earn Five Times the nanaco Points Campaign




SHOPArio Kameari

AREATokyo > Tokyo Others

2017-03-24 10:00 to 2017-03-26 21:00



During the period, if you pay with nanaco at selected Ario shops on Ario Senmonten-gai shopping street, you'll earn 5 times the usual nanco points for each <100 yen (tax included)>. ※ At Akachan Honpo · and gooburg you'll get <5 points in addition to 100 yen (tax excluded) back >. * Specialty stores that can use electronic money "nanaco" are eligible. ※ Ito-Yokado, 7 beauty garden, some specialty shops not eligable. ※ Points will be granted collectively on the 10th of the following month ※ There are shops where the point grant rate and granting method are different. * Grant points can be confirmed by checking the balance, payment (charge) at Ito-Yokado cash register / nanaco charge machine / Seven Bank ATM. 【Participating Shops】Uniqulo、E hyphen world gallery PD、ELLE、LEPSIM、earth music&ecology Natural store、ROPE’PICNIC、INGNI、AMERICAN HOLIC、AZUL by moussy、&chouette gallery、TODAYLUXE、PLST、studio CLIP、B-Three、AMO'S STYLE、STONE MARKET、PARTS CLUB、L.L.Bean、ORIHICA、tutuanna、RETRO GALLERY、anyFAM、in the groove、WEGO、SEVENDAYS=SUNDAY、CIAOPANIC TYPY、Kutsushita-ya, GRAN SAC’S、Charlotte by ABC-MART、BRICK HOUSE、JEWELRY TSUTSUMI、Kimono Yamato、Yasunari, ABC mart、FLAVA HATS、GLOBAL WORK、LIGHT ON、Murasaki sports、BREEZE、graniph、Akachan Ponpo、THE COSMOS、lush、HOUSE OF ROSE、Kojima Pet Store、Francfranc、BOOKS KIDDY LAND/Disney Avenue、loft、tower record、Jungle、Muji、MAMAIKUKO、JINS、eyecity、aplu、PartyRico、vision glasses、foranew、i-clock、manocreare、Krispy Kreme dougnuts、Sushikani 、Tonkatsu Chduke Shinjuku Suzuya、gooburg、Kyoto Gion Monsen Ramen、Beni Tora Gyoza、Yomenya Goemon、St.Cousair MARCHE、Baskin Robins、Tapioka Sweets BULLPULU、pomsfarm、beardpapa plus、V2&M by Fruits Bar AOKI、Mister Doughnuts、antendo、kaldi coffee farm、MOMI&TOY’S、Narita Yume Farm , Doutour Coffee、Tripro、Gorumet Yadai、Marugame Seimen、Parmenara、Ringer Hut, Texas Steak、Nagadahon Jyoken、Tsukiji Gindako、Bikkuri-Donkey、Inase an、Ohsho Gyoza、PALACE BUFFET、BAQET、Gaston&Gaspar、Kibiya、Ueshima Coffee、CAFFÈ SOLARE, The French Toast Factory、temomin、Plaid Manufacturer of Koide Camera、Hakyuyosha、UNIX Beauty Innovation、bodies、maison、Kochi Kame Game Park, MOVIX《Food and Goods Sale》〈2017年2月17日〉